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Today we are going to teach you two very common expressions in Spanish that you can use in your day by day: ESTIRAR LA PATA & ESTAR HASTA LAS NARICES. Let´s she what is their meaning!


We normally use this expression when we are talking in a coloquial way with friends or family, it is a very funny sentence that means To die.

The literal translation into English is "to quick the bucket".

What is the story of this expression? Because in ancient times to talk about death was a Tabu, people thought if the said this word maybe they would be the next person in dying, that´s why they prefer to say this "innocent expression".

Do you know more expressions in Spanish? Or do you want to share funny expressions of your country?


It means to be fed up and we use it in a coloquial way when we are sick and tired of something. It is very common to use it in our day to day.

Also you can use a synonimous "Estoy harto", whitch sounds a little softer than "estoy hasta las narices".

Can you do a good sentence with this new expression? :))

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