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If you need online Spanish classes, contact us, we will be happy to offer you a 30-minutes free trial class. All Our teachers have Master´s degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and have many years of experience teaching online Spanish lessons as well as Teaching in Universities and Academies over the World. Therefore, they know how to adapt very well to the different cultures of the students and their learning needs.

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Because every student is different to the others, we want to offer you customized courses according to the necessities of the students.


Different students mean different levels, so we have for you level courses from beginners wanting an introduction to people who master Spanish language, you can choose learn by private classes or with more students (2-4 people group). We also have topic courses for different objectives such as Test Prep exams (DELE, SIELE, EEE4, EE8, SAT, ect.), or also you can  choose classes to improve your skills (speaking, listening, reading, grammar, writing).  In addition, we offer Marketing and Culture courses about different cultural and historical topics of Spain and Latin America. 

Not forgetting our preparation courses to DELE test!



Our Method is online. We teach by video-conferencing applications.


We can teach over the world, doesn´t matter where you are and your country time. We can addapt our timetable.


We based our classes in theory and practice. We give to the students different oral explanation and documents to follow the sessions such as vocabulary lists, readings, writing exercises, grammar explanations and others, and then we prove there actual skills with conversations and other exercises. 

our teachers

100% spanish native speakers

Know all the ¡YA, Spanish! teachers!


They are natives from Spain and they all have a Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language title. Because title is not enough, we choose people with proved experience abroad, teaching in several countries. Furthermore, we have looked for teachers that they are not only remarkable language teachers but they have knowledge in other fields in order to offer different courses about many interesting topics.

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    Me encantan las clases de mis profesores porque me entretengo al tiempo que voy aprendiendo. El contenido, tanto a nivel lingüístico como cultural, es bien seleccionado y detalladamente explicado.
Reímos, discutimos, aprendemos, entendemos.



— Soledad (Nanjing, China)




— Rodrigo (Nanjing, China)


     The results studying with their method are very satisfactory. The classes are enjoyable and effective, ¡un placer!


—  R.B., 24 years, from USA


     I have improved in my job thanks to these classes. Now I can develope my marketing business in Spanish without problem. 


— A.F., 22 years, from Japan

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