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At Ya Spanish we also offer translation and proofreading services by native translators in the following languages: Spanish, English, French and Mandarin Chinese. You just have to tell us the text you want to translate/review and we will give you a quote according to the number of words that your document contains.


We promise that all our texts are translated and revised with the greatest fidelity and naturalness, in addition to adapting to the delivery dates that our clients indicate to us.


What languages ​​do we translate or proofread?

Mandarin Chinese – Spanish 

 Spanish - Mandarin Chinese 

Spanish -English

English - Spanish

French – Spanish

Spanish - French


What kind of texts do we translate?

- University projects (TFG, TFM, etc.)

- Doctoral theses.

- Academic texts.

- Labor documents.

- Literary texts.

- Other type of text (Ask us by clicking here).

Plaza España

Spanish - Translation and Proofreading

If you need to translate or proofread your documents into Spanish or from Spanish into English, Mandarin Chinese or French, you can contact us. We have native Spanish translators and specialists in academic (University) and literary writing, as well as creative texts such as comics, novels or newspaper articles.

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Mandarin Chinese - Translation and proofreading

If you want to translate your texts from Spanish to Mandarin Chinese, our translators are native Chinese and graduates in Hispanic Philology. Similarly, if you need to translate from English to Chinese, our translator is a British native, graduated in Chinese Language, and has lived in the country for many years.

Check the lenguages we offer

Gran Ben

English - Translation and Proofreading

If you require a translation or proofreading from English to Spanish, our translator is a bilingual teacher, specialized in philosophical, academic and literary texts. If, on the other hand, you need a translation from English to Spanish, it will be done under the supervision of a native professional from Spain.

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French - Translation and Proofreading

If you need to translate texts from French to Spanish, or from Spanish to French, we have a professional graduated in French Philology and bilingual in these languages.


If you need that our profesional transmite or proofread your texts as soon as possible, please contact us clicking here.

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