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How can I pay my classes?

In ¡YA, Spanish! We work online, our classes will be through some videoconference app. The first thing we need to know is the time in which it suits you to give classes. 

To teach you we will use English language as a vehicular language.

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How does ¡YA, Spanish! works?

Our classes are completely adapted to your study rhythm. Before each class we will send a document to your email, this will be the daily lesson that we will teach you.

Once given the theory, we will move on to the practice of the language (Speaking and Listening).

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How are our classes?
What's the minimum time to work with a tutor?
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We are at your disposal to give all the rounds to the classes you need. If you need that we clarify doubts or that we reinforce some of your linguistic facets.

We will always go at your own pace

Can I review my previous sessions?

Of course. If you are a foreign student who is studying a University degree in Spanish and sometimes has trouble understanding, we can help you understand everything better!

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Can I use these classes as a support for my Spanish degree?

You can pay for your classes by PayPal or another meter that we agree.

One hour per week (ask us).

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