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Student Comments

" 机构的课程寓教于乐,和当地老师的学习帮助我更好地理解了这门语言以及相关文化,定制课程内容时间形式都可以灵活调整满足不同的需求。老师们不仅专业技能过硬,对于中国文化的理解也让课堂交流变得更加融洽和丰富。"

Siena, China


" I have enjoyed the classes with my teacher. They are very friendly and they are always eager to solve any doubt. I have  learnt a lot."

— Li, 19 years, China


" They know the best way to adapt the content to the individual necessities of the students. If you have an objective in mind, you can choose their topic courses and they customize the course thinking in your situation."

— S.Y., 24 years, South Korea


“The results studying with their method are very satisfactory. The classes are enjoyable and effective, ¡un placer!”

— R.B., 24 years, USA


Rodrigo, Nanjing (China)


“I´m very glad with the results. My Spanish has improved MUCHO. The teachers are very friendly and you can talk with them about every topic.”

— A.O., 25 years, Brazil


"I have improved in my job thanks to these classes. Now I can develope my marketing business in Spanish without problem."

— A.F., 22 years, Japan


" Thank you, dear teachers for all your attention and kindness. This months were very productive to me, now I can speak Spanish in my company."

— L.P., 29 years, China


"Me encantan las clases de mis profesores porque me entretengo al tiempo que voy aprendiendo. El contenido, tanto a nivel lingüístico como cultural, es bien seleccionado y detalladamente explicado.
Reímos, discutimos, aprendemos, entendemos."

- Soledad (Nanjing, China)


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